5 Triathlon Transition Tips

I’m signed up for the DC Triathlon, and its in just 2 weeks. So I thought, maybe I should find out when the race starts. Turns out the sprint race starts at 5:30AM. 5:30! In the morning! That’s when it starts! Woa. What have I gotten myself into. O well. It’s a pretty short race, so I’m working on improving my transition times. It’s important to not waste too much time in the transition area. The time that you waste in the transition area could be spent biking or running. It’s best to spend little time in the transition area as possible. Here are five transition tips that I’ve picked up on that will decrease the time you spend in the transition area. If you have any tips that I missed, please leave a comment below!

1. Practice Your Routine

Whatever your routine is, you should practice physically doing it multiple times. Also visualize your transition in your mind, mentally prepare yourself.

2. Attach Bike Shoes to Pedals

Having your shoes clipped into the pedals will save you lots of time. This way you can just grab your bike and go. You can slip your feet into the shoes once you are on the road. Be sure to keep your eye on the road though, don’t stare down at your feet while you put your shoes on.

3. Know Where Your Bike is

You should be able to easily find your bike in the transition area. Use a colorful towel or flag that can be easily recognized so that you don’t get lost!

4. Wear One Outfit

Wear an all-in-one outfit that you can swim, bike, and run in. Changing into different outfits can waste a lot of time.

5. Attach Everything To Your Bike

Have everything that you need on your bike. Tape your gels to the bike, have 2 water bottles ready, etc. This way you can just grab your bike and go.

For lots of triathlon tips and advice you should also check out TriFuel.com or Beginner Triathlete.

If anyone’s interested in getting into triathlons or needs triathlon advice, contact me or leave a comment below. Also visit my website, TriathleteTips.com.

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