Fear Of What Others Think

A lot of us live our lives by the fear of what other people think. I have been guilty of being one of those people at times. All of us can remember times that we have worried about what other people will think of them. We all think that people are going to laugh at us if we try to be ourselves, to be different. But this is no way to live your life. It’s a waste of your life to live in fear.

I watched Chris Guillebeau’s video today about Fear and Permission (watch it below). In his talk, he talks about these 2 main points:

“Many of us live our lives out of the fear of what other people think of us.”


“We’re waiting for someone to give us a permission slip that tells us it’s OK to be ourselves.”

And its true. People are waiting for permission to live their lives. A lot of us try to fit in to avoid being laughed at. If I had a fear that people would laugh at me for starting BrianLieberman.com, I never would have bought the domain name in the first place. You don’t need permission from anyone else to start doing what you love. Anyone that laughs at you for trying to accomplish your dreams is too afraid to try it themselves. If it scares you to put yourself out there, start small. As you practice, you’ll see that its not so scary, and that a crowd of people is not waiting outside your house to make fun of you for trying something.

Here’s Chris Guillebeau’s video below, please watch it and leave a comment with your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Fear Of What Others Think

  1. Brenda Lieberman says:

    I love what he said about how he used to sit back and judge other speakers – being the speaker takes a lot more guts!

  2. Brian says:

    That’s true, it really does take guts. Public speaking is everyone’s #1 fear. A great club to join is the Toastmaster’s club, they help people get over their fear of public speaking. Here’s another great talk from the same conference. It’s about setting your ideas free, and not being afraid to share your art with others, check it out:

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