What Makes ‘Draw Something’ So Successful?

Draw Something, if you haven’t heard of it, is a game on the iPhone/Android in which you take turns drawing, and then guessing what your friends are drawing; kind of like Pictionary.

There are a number of reasons why this game has become #1 in the App Store, but I believe the primary reason is:

People love doodling.

That’s it! That is why. People naturally enjoy doodling. In fact, its good for you!

Sunni Brown explains this idea of doodling in her TED Talk called Doodlers Unite!

She states, “Doodling is native to us,” and “Doodling has a profound effect on creative problem solving and deep information processing.”

OMGPOP, the company behind this game have realized this, and have created a really enjoyable game around this idea.

Which I think explains why Zynga bought the company for $210 million last week.

The statistics mentioned on Draw Something in this Business Insider Report are incredible.

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