Team Alley,

I put this page together to showcase some of my event experience, and let you know that these efforts and experiences were rooted in my passion for bringing people together and building community.

I love seeing in-person connections develop, and I’m often thinking up unique ways that an event could turn two strangers into long-term friends, whether it be a Pizza Puppy Party, a Rooftop Painting Wine Party, an intimate concert, or a conference to bring entrepreneurs and leaders together.

Thank you for considering me as a potential new member of your team.

Warm regards,


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Top Events

Freestyle Fashion Conference

What I Did:

Designed and coded all websites for Freestyle Fashion Conference brand.

Designed Sponsorship Deck and pitched to organizations

Recruited 10 speakers to join 170+ attendees.

Secured partnerships with FashInvest, FashionTech Lab, General Assembly, StartupWeekend, Tech Breakfast, DC Fashion Foundation, Svelte, Nolcha Fashion Week, FundingPost, Saks Fifth Avenue,  

Lead email and social media marketing efforts to increase ticket sales

About The Event:

Offered a series of panel discussions and classes that included business and growth strategy topics, with dedicated networking time throughout the day.

Move Forward Conference

What I Did:

Pitched conference concept to USC and the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab.

Secured partnerships with LA Incubator, Tala, Net Impact, Incubator School, Align Impact, LIFT, Conscious Company Media, Everytable, etc.

Recruited 14 speakers to join 150+ attendees.

Managed partner and speaker relationships and event logistics.

MC’d the event, keeping the event running smoothly and on schedule.

About The Event:

Exploring scalable and sustainable business solutions to solve some of our world’s most challenging social and environmental issues in the next 10, 20, 50 years. #MoveForwardConference

Established a partnership between USC, The MSSE Student Association, Marshall Net Impact, and the Price Social Innovation Student Organization to host this annual event.


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other events I've organized:

Redefining SEO: Meet with SEO strategist for major fashion brands

Meet Erika Miller, Senior SEO Strategist of Adobe.

Erika has worked with renowned fashion magazine ELLE and high-profile fashion blog Refinery29, and recently spoke at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference.

Fireside Chat w/ the NEW YORK Fashion Tech Lab

We’ll go behind the scenes of the New York Fashion Tech Lab, which allows young tech companies to collaborate with major fashion retailers and brands such as Kate Spade, Macy’s and Marc Jacobs.Innovation for old thinkers, Iteration for young thinkers. .

Bringing Your E-Commerce Product Idea to Concept
Talked about the necessary ingredients in starting an e-commerce business, including generating, validating, and refining ideas for a new product. Covered the development from idea generation, opportunity, recognition, entry strategy, and growth to get you on the path to a successful launch.

event idea

Tackling The Unsexy Challenges Of Your Business

5:30 – 9pm | The Alley DC | Members: Free | Non-Members: $10

Why Put On This Event:

Ensures that Alley members have a good time and  that they acquire the knowledge and connections they need to keep their business sustainable and growing.

Signals to the entire DC startup community that not only will you enjoy your time at Alley, but that we take the time to understand what your business needs to grow and thrive.

About The Event:

Bring in a few experts that cover some of the often unsexy parts of running a business. These are aspects of a business that, if not properly executed, can make or break a business.

They’re also aspects that young startup founders choose to often ignore or put off. They need help getting it right the first time, and they need guidance to make the right decisions.

This Doesn’t Sound Like A Fun Event At All, Brian:

Okay okay, I agree, at first glance it doesn’t, but hear me out. It’s easy to put on an event that’s focused on pure fun, and even more important to keep a pulse on the needs of our members and ensure that they can grow their businesses and become life-long Alley members.

I don’t see a lot of co-working spaces creating critical events and opportunities that address these needs, while still covering the basic aspects that still ensure people have a lot of fun (Food, Effortless Connection, Music, Good Vibes).

How I Would Do This

– Invite 4-5 food sponsors, give them opportunity to pitch their business.

– Create ‘Interactive Stations’ throughout the space that spark creativity and connection between strangers (drawing, inspiration boards, mess-free painting)

– Recruit a trusted and respected startup lawyer, banker, insurance professional, and HR professional to speak to the audience

– Reserve 10-15 tickets for media partners to spread the word



5:30 – 6:30pm – Mingling, Dinner, Snacks

6:30pm – 7:00pm – Expert panel: 5-10 minutes for each professional to share expertise

7:00pm – 7:30pm – Q & A Session

7:30pm – 7:45pm – One Minute Pitches

7:45pm – 9pm – Networking

Guests of the event would receive:

– Dinner & Snacks
– Knowledge for important aspects of their business
– Opportunity to pitch their business
– New connections to Lawyers, Bankers, Insurance, HR professionals

Runner-up Event Ideas

Creativity Workshop

Invite my friend Monica Kang, the founder of Innovators Box to lead a creativity workshop with our fellow members. Give her permission to make the workshop interactive, with opportunities to draw / paint / sculpt to encourage creativity during the workshop.


Recruit the DC CreativeMornings team to host next month’s event at the Alley office.


Invite the DCTechMeetup to host a small(er) event that Alley can accommodate.


Team up with AngelHack to host a hackathon at The Alley, and connect to their global network and resources.

Improv Show + Workshop

The DC Improv community lacks access to new audiences and spaces to perform improv. Host an Improv show at The Alley, free for members. Use the opportunity and relationship to host a workshop on improv skills, and how they can be used to become a better public speaker.

Event Experience Overview

MSSE Student Association – President | 2 Years | 25+ Events

Open Source Fashion – Community Organizer | 3.5 Years | 40+ Events

Twice As Warm – Founder & Organizer | 7 Years | 30+ Events

USC Alumni Entrepreneurs Association – Program Chair | 1 Year

additional experience

8+ Years Graphic Design Experience

9+ Years Web Design Experience

7+ Years Customer Service / Client Success

Managed $30k Google Adwords budget at Neustar.
Built 100+ websites for various organizations, and have helped large companies with UX Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Email & Social Media Marketing, and Online Search Marketing.
Started a socially-conscious ecommerce business called Twice As Warm which sold hats, scarves, gloves, and shirts. 
Developed/organized multiple Fashion Tech startup communities in New York, DC, and Boston. Organized multiple conferences and workshops for local entrepreneurs.
Founding member of the MSSE Student Association, and created the SA’s website:
Created/managed multiple music concerts from scratch: